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Early spring is the right time of the year to begin pruning trees and shrubs. Trees are pruned for safety, health and aesthetic reasons. Pruning for safety may involve remov-ing branches that could cause injury or property damage. Removing wood that could be diseased or infested by insects improves the trees health. Aesthetic pruning can also be done to enhance the natural form of the tree.

It is important to prune a tree at the right time. Our experienced service personnel must take into consideration the time of year a tree flowers or is most susceptible to disease and insects. For instance, oak trees should not be pruned between April and mid-July; pruning during this time can make oaks highly susceptible to Oak Wilt disease. Honey Locusts should be pruned during dry times to avoid Nectria Canker.

Knowing how to prune is also important to the health of the tree. Proper cuts will help ensure that the tree will close the wound properly. For those small trees within your safe control, follow these steps: (A) Cut partway through the branch from beneath, at a point 1 or 2 feet from the tree trunk or larger branch. (B) Make a second cut from the top of the branch, at a distance of 2 to 4 inches further out from the first cut. This should allow the branch to fall from its own weight, breaking at the "hinge" and not ripping the bark down the trunk. (C) Complete the job by making a final cut next to the trunk or larger branch, just outside the swollen branch collar.

To avoid serious injury to yourself or major damage to your property, larger trees with larger limbs should be left to our experienced professionals.

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